09 February 2010

the great trek South

First port of call was Richmond. This is a gorgeous historic village full of beautiful old buildings, a great lolly shop (that we didn't go to this time) and other touristy attractions. we did visit the gaol house; this was built in 1825 and last used in 1928. It is interesting enough to take young kids and small enough not to bore them.


We did an unplanned visit to the miniature Hobart Town Village. This is a model of Hobart as it was in 1820 and is fascinating to see how much it has changed. So much of Sullivan's Cove has been filled in and built on and it is weird seeing water ways that no longer exist in streets behind Salamanca and Constitution Docks. The kids get the chance to find four different figurines and then get a sticker at the end so that kept them entertained for most of the visit. They did get tired and hungry at the end, not to mention HOT! It was proving to be a scorcher of a day. We picnicked at Richmond before heading off to Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Claremont. Unfortunately you don't get to tour around the actual factory any more. You get a video, a small talk/display and a taste of the products. it is good value though as you get a few chockies in hand and a pack of 'favourites' each for free. We were two adults and four children and we paid $21.50. Plus the savings in the shop are a bonus too. Easter is done and dusted!


Thursday Evening was finished off with fish and chips at Constitution Docks. Checking out the boats and feeding seagulls. Not to mention hanging over the edge of the wharf often enough to give me a heart murmur!

Friday morning saw us at the Glenorchy Ice Skating Rink. I didn't skate as I know my FMS wouldn't approve and I would end up spending the rest of trip on pain relief and not much fun but the kids had a blast! They did two hours of skating then got changed out of wet clothes, assessed bruising and grazes and headed to Salamanca for lunch and a wander.

After lunch we headed further South to Taroona and the Shot Tower. this Shot tower is the only remaining circular shot tower in the world. It was built by Joseph Moir in 1870 and used to make shot for 35years. It is 48 mtrs tall and has 259 steps. We climbed to the top but the kids were totally buggered at the end (umm, maybe the mums too LOL) but the view is spectacular so makes it worth it. Our friends Fieona, Julius and Monique headed back to Launceston and we headed back into Hobart and the Aquatic Centre. This isn't as big as the Launceston one but OH SO MUCH BETTER!! Awesome water slide for little ones and no bucket and much cooler inside!

Friday night we met up with our friends (and bed hosts for the evening)Kirsty and Ian. Ian is a very popular playmate for my children and he has the patience of a saint LOL We went to Rektanko in the Courtyard and Salamanca and listened to some fabulous music, had a couple of drinks then headed out to La Porcheta for pizza. I tell you now a day like this is the perfect remedy for insomnia!!!

My parents gave the kids $5 each to spend and I matched so they would have a chance to buy something semi-decent. Beren chose a kite at Socrates (awesome store if you get a chance) and we took it down to Bellerive beach on Saturday morning to try it out,. What a fabulous purchase and the perfect size for a beginner. Beren mastered it fast under the expert tutelage of Ian and he had a great time, he was so pleased with himself! We found a stranded star fish so dug a channel for him to get back into the sea. We lunched at nearby Eastlands, Nienna spend her money on a black ballet tutu and then we finally headed home to Launceston.

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