09 February 2010

last day of summer holidays

and my two are champing at the bit to get back to school. Mind you with this heat an air conditioned class room is mighty enticing LOL
We have had a fantastic summer! I for one have thoroughly enjoyed the time off to replenish my energy supplies and generally laze around. We have taken a few short trips to Bicheno and the grand folks and our trip to Hobart this past week (will photo blog that one soon), but for the most part we have hung around home and Launceston. Each day is ended with an hour or so in the pool, I am so glad I bought it for them as it really does cool them off physically and mentally and relaxes them for bed time.
I think back to ten years ago and I certainly didn't see myself here, a single mum of two children, studying and well to be honest Alive! Life has a way of directing itself at times and doing what needs to be done. Children didn't play a part in my bigger picture but without them I don't think I would be here now so for that reason alone I am grateful to have had my two,. Apart from the fact that every day is an adventure with them and an absolute joy.

Parenting hasn't come easily or even naturally to me. I think my battle with depression and anxiety has taken all of my energy and emotion and left me with very little else over the years that I didn't even have a teensy amount for my children. This made it tough on them and on me. This summer has been a turning point for me, in more ways than one. I stopped........as simple as that really. I stopped working, I had no study and I could just be. I had plenty of time just for me which meant that when I did have the children I could devote myself to them solely. WOW!! what a difference that made. No stress, no fights (between them and me!), relaxed mama meant relaxed children. I found myself actually wanting to be with them and actually enjoying them. This has been a first I am ashamed to say. Not that I don't love them, I have always loved them but I have never found it easy being with them until now. They are five and seven and I could sit back and mourn days lost in the past but instead I will be thankful that I have been blessed with this summer and my beautiful children and look forward to many more days with them.

I love to sit and listen to their chatter and funny conversations. Beren is quite a patient big brother and very eager to teach Nienna the life skills necessary for a five year old. He is protective of her too, which I adore about him. I watch him hold her hand at the Hobart aquatic centre the other day and take her up the long stair way of the water slide, sit her infront of him and hold her as they slid down the slide. He has matured into a very sensitive and caring soul.

Nienna is assertive (possibly AKA bossy LOL), has a wicked sense of humour and loves to make Beren laugh with her antics. She is a leader and often leads the play and decides what games etc Beren is more than happy to follow and they play so well together that in the eight weeks break I could count on one hand the number of fights they have had. She is a very caring and nuturing little one who watched Beren cross the street outside our house today as he went to the shop and yelled out "good job Beren, you crossed really well!"

I am so proud of my kids, I watch other kids behaviour at times and know I am truly blessed with these happy, caring, kind and gorgeous kids of mine.

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