01 February 2010

In the garden

Our veggie patch has been thriving. We have harvested all our lettuce and are now waiting for the next lot to grow. I have lost count of the strawberries that have been eaten and the potatoes are not far from being ready to pull. All the beets have been eaten and the carrots pulled. My carrots weren't a great success and didn't taste at all nice, not to mention their strange appearance LOL
The corn is currently being harvested and is sooooooooo sweet and juicy. A lot paler than shop bought and smaller but oh so tastier, a hit with the kids too. I have massive tomatoes and heaps of them but none ripe yet, I am gettting impatient for real tomatoes! A couple of weeks ago I planted snow peas, broccoli, cauliflower, cos lettuce and rainbow chard as well and they have all taken off. I love having a veggie garden!

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