01 February 2010

New Years Eve

We spent NYE with friends. We met at the Tailrace Park and had a BBQ and the kids played then as darkness began to descend we went down to the rivers edge to watch the early fireworks. So much changes when you have kidlets, once apon a time I would have just been getting ready to head out and here I am at 10am heading home LOL the beauty of the latter version is that there is no massive hangover nowadays LOL Now that I like!

I am not a big one for making resolutions and the like. As I reflect on the year that was I am not overly impressed with it. I have however learnt quite a bit from it. It was a year of change and we have now been in Launceston for a year. I guess I stepped off my original path of study and kids and pursued the giant $ and work for a bit. As it was I certainly learnt alot about my own personal limitations and fragile health as that last quarter of the year was a huge struggle for me. I battled my mental health demons (please slap me if I go off meds again!)and won eventually and found that my general health (with low immunity due to FMS) doesn't take kindly to working 50 odd hours a week and being bombarded with stress apon stress apon stress. I think my subsequent redundancy was a blessing in disguise and the last eight or so weeks of nothing but family, relaxation and quiet reflection has done me the world of good. I feel the best I have felt in a long time mentally and people have actually said to me that I look so much more relaxed and healthier. My pain levels have dropped a small amount and I can manage an easy walk of 40min now, this may not seem much but seeing a walk of maybe six houses and back left me in pain it is a big something for me.
I have bought a new bike and my 'challenge' for the year is to be able to ride to uni and back. We will see what happens!

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