25 July 2010

Been a long time

Been a bit slack at blogging lately. Haven't been the best due to a bad depressive episode but seem to be coming out the other side again. Starting to suspect it may be hormone related. Meds have been increased again and Dr has discussed changing meds if they don't help but I am hesitant to do this.
Anyway, as a result I have defered Uni again for the semester and will resume next year again. I just felt too overwhelmed and stressed about it all this semester.

It has been very cold here so haven't been getting out too much. Mostly at home by the fire. My mum came up for this week to help me out and keep me company. They worry so much about me and I feel so terribly guilty about this. She will head home tomorrow and resume her own life again, until the next time.

Have been doing heaps of reading and knitting. I finished 'In My Skin' by Kate Holden, True Blood book 10, Methland, a Henry Reynolds book and a book on female convicts in Tasmania in the past week or two. Have watched series 1 and 2 of The Tudors too which has been enjoyable.

As for knitting I was in a ravelry swap recently and received some lovely gifts from my swappee and felt thoroughly spoilt. I also finished knitting my clapotis and love it! Still working on a Tess D'urbiville shawl and have started weaving a table runner for my mum.

Beren turned eight and had a great birthday. He got a new bike which he was wanting and went for dinner to the local Mexican restaurant (no parties this year). He put an order in for a sponge cake with strawberries, nice and simple :)

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Jamie said...

Great to hear from you, K.

I think deferring for a semester is probably a good idea.

Are you able to get outside very much, or is the weather too miserable for that? I find when I'm feeling down I just want to hole up in the house, not go anywhere, not see anyone, but the best thing for me to do is get out and get some fresh air and sunlight.

Hope you are feeling a bit better soon.