26 July 2010


I am truly blessed to have some beautiful women friends, alas the majority of them are in Melbourne. I miss them so very much and yearn for their laughs, support and warmth. I will visit with them as soon as possible and soak up their spirit to last me some more.

I received a beautiful parcel today from my gorgeous friend Kate. Who, as well as growing her lovely baby took time to make me this beautiful scarf as a token of friendship. I missed this years Bendigo wool show sadly, due to it being on the same date as Beren's birthday I did not like to miss his birthday as I did last year so I could attend. I am also lacking in funds which would have made it impossible to attend anyway. But my thoughts were with the girls and I remembered the fabulous time we had last year, and hopefully next year I will be with them again.

I love you all :)


Lovely Lassy said...

Lovely scarf! Love the colour!

KatinSpace said...

Oh no I would love to take credit but in fact one of the Mosely's knitted the scarf out of their delicious yarn and I brought it for you as a treat from Bendi. I was going to send you yarn but I thought sometimes it's just nice to get a finished object.

We love you too though, and can't wait for you to visit! and I'll have a new little bubba and OMG Tille, Tove and Elijah are all so beautiful!