20 August 2010

At home

Was rewarded with a stunning double rainbow yesterday, unfortunately my point and shoot doesn't really like long distance so the photo doesn't do it justice.


The kids decided they didn't want to share a room any more, this meant I lose my spare room :( Mind you it got a much needed sort and a lot of stuff has gone on ebay, 6 boxes of 'stuff' to the opshop and loads on freecycle.

The result is quite tidy. I bought two 2nd hand book shelves, the tall ones on each of the kids rooms and a tall boy chest for Beren's room as Nienna has the built ins. I got all three from a great charity shop here called Goods in Remission for $180.

That green sherpa blanket on Nienna's bed used to be mine when I was about 10yo. Before doona's were really in use in Australia LOL It went to boarding school with me for four years too.


The granny square quilt on Beren's bed is one I made when I was about 19 so nearly 24 years ago. I mended it recently and sewed in the ends.

Most of my stuff has been moved to tubs under my bed or on these shelves,plus one of the built in cupboards in Nienna's room was freed up so I put stuff in there too.

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