14 September 2010

messy play

It was a gorgeous day yesterday so we had friends over to share it. First up was some clay fun. I got some clay from our home ed group and we all had fun creating. This will eventually be fired along with the homed ed creations from some time ago.
After the clay the kids pulled out their cardboard cubby for a paint job, this involved:
*four children
* three paint trays
* multiple brushes

Thus, memo to all EIGHT feet and THREE paint trays DO NOT MIX, I repeat EIGHT feet and THREE paint trays DO NOT MIX!!! However I have a beautiful rainbow drive way :)

After an alfresco lunch we all went into the city library for some more fun creating Peruvian Sun Plaques. (photos to come)

All in all a great day was had





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amandab said...

I love the home made plant signs! I had just been wondering how I was going to keep signs in my garden (once we put things in the ground!) and they are a great idea.:)

The Peruvian sun mask looks great also :)

cathy @ NurtureStore said...

So great to see kids crafting outside, bet they had fun with the paint - and I love the play house. I wondered if you might come and share an idea with the Play Academy on Fridays - love to link up with you.

RedTedArt said...

Fabulous craftiness there - so many different activities!! Love it.

Would love for you to stop by at Kids Get Crafty and link up too? Every Wednesday at Red Ted Art. This week's link is here:http://www.redtedart.com/2010/09/15/kids-craft-the-mona-lisa/

Hope to "see" you later?



Maya said...

SO nice to discover you through our Memetales' Let's Play! linky . Thank you for stopping by,

My kids LOVE clay - so many great ideas here!

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

I love the clay creations, there is something so rewarding about working with clay. And, I hear you on the group painting debacle, all in good (albeit messy) fun :)

Marita said...

That looks like great fun. We had a group painting session for Annie's 4th Birthday party. What I hadn't planned for was how to get 20 children cleaned up after - their parents had all be warned about lots of messy play and we'd provided extra painting clothes for the children. But the kids got themselves covered in paint from head to toe and then it was a matter of getting them inside and cleaned up and dressed in clean clothing again. Thankfully most of the mums stayed so we ended up with a sort of conveyer belt line of children going from outside to laundry - strip off dirty clothing - carried to bathroom so they didn't get paint on carpet or walls - into bath, cleaned up - off to get dry and dressed in another room.

The children had SO much fun but boy oh boy it was a nightmare of clean up after, I had to clean up the backyard, then the laundry, get everyones clothing into the washer and dryer, then sorted to return to various families. Then clean up spots of paint on carpet and walls, then clean the bathroom and the tub had to be bleached clean to get all the paint out of it. NEVER AGAIN.

Annie still talks with great fondness about that party. Here is a snap of her on the memorable day - http://bp1.blogger.com/_o7OrNzNZapQ/RjVhriBI06I/AAAAAAAAAJ4/hUhEC9Ct2b0/s1600-h/pinkannie.jpg