20 September 2010

Sundays in My city

Well, this Sunday was spent in my other city that isn't actually a city LOL. We went to the East Coast of Tasmania this weekend to my home town of Bicheno. My folks still live there and I try to get there as often as possible. It is a beautiful place and much loved by tourists too.
This weekend was absolutely glorious and we spent most of it outside. We were lucky to spot lots of penguins on our evening walk, no photos though as they don't take well to flash light, we were a bit voyeuristic in that we came across a pair mating. We also were entertained by dolphins in the bay when we were at the beach and some seals lazing out on the rocks at the wharf, so lots of wildlife this trip.

Waubs Bay

Afternoon sky

One of the four dolphins, unfortunately they weren't jumping much.

This was before they both ended up soaked!

Fun with 'Bear', my folks' furbaby

Looking south thru town, it is a true blue beach town with 2 surf shops and lots of cafe's. It has changed a great deal since my childhood.

Looking east, with Whalers Lookout in the background

The 'shops'

The local primary school (Kinder- Grade 6), for secondary school you either do a 50min bus trip to the district high school or go to boarding school as I did. This school is huge now but when I went it had 2.5 teachers, 3 classrooms, 1 office and a staffroom.

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Unknown Mami


Unknown Mami said...

2.5 teachers? How did they get the .5?

Looks like a lovely place to grow up.

Kebeni said...

LOL the .5 was part time

Anonymous said...

Your home town is much prettier and more fun to visit than mine. My home town has a general store, a credit union (occasionally) and of course a pub. The primary school I went to also had 3 classrooms and an office/library but we had 3 teachers with 52 students! It has grown, but not by much. I don't get back to visit often but I will take photos next time I head that way.