21 September 2010

we played at the beach

This weekend we went to my parents. they live in Bicheno which is a small town on the east coast of Tasmania. It was a beautiful weekend so we stayed an extra day too. We did some playing at the beach and we explored rock pools too. We are also very lucky that 'poppy' is in charge at the volunteer fire fighters station so we get to help him with jobs and play firemen.

I am a big believer in play based learning and unstructured play. It is nice to see play and learning develop without props or prompting from a facilitator (me).

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amandab said...

My husband likes to tak my girl rockpooling too :) And how awesome to get to play firefighters at a real fire station!! My girl would be so jealous (she wants to be a "fire engine girl" when she grows up :) )

jenny said...

Climbing around on rocks and exploring rock pools was one of my favorite things to do as a kid, and now I love to do it with my boys.

Anonymous said...

The beach looks like a wonderful place to explore...so does the fire station.

cathy @ NurtureStore said...

Love your photos, especially the one on the rocks. Our holiday this summer was to a Welsh beach and you're right - no 'toys' needed, the girls had the best time playing with what nature provided. Thanks for linking up with the Play Academy - hope you'll join us this Friday too. Cathy x