15 October 2010

Frugal Friday

Well, I have decided to start my very own meme.  We try to live as lightly as possible and we are also on a strict budget.  I thought it would be great to share tips, recipes and time/money saving ideas that work for you and your family.

So grab the button, make your post and join the linky and get some great ideas.

My first idea to share has been my most successful saving for the hip pocket and the environment.  Almost three years ago I stopped using glad wrap/cling film/plastic wrap and foil.  Plastic wrap especially is bad for the environment not to mention the fact that neither are reusable.
I really don't miss them, well the only time I have was when dying wool and I used to wrap the yarn in plastic, now I use zip lock bags if needed and try to re use them where possible.

For food, I use containers, if something is left in a dish then I will just pop a plate on top to cover it.
I do use baking paper but try to reuse as much as possible.
For picnics etc I use containers and I gave in and bought tupperware lunch boxes for the kids with the little sections.
So, are you up for it, can you take the no plastic and foil challenge??

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Naomi said...

I could not imagine going without cling wrap - I am going to think about giving it a try - I like your ideas - thanks :)

Fieona said...

I especially like zip lock bags because you can use them over and over, they even wash up well in hot soapy water. I try and reuse prepackaged bags eg. when I use the last of the loaf of bread, the sandwiches are packed into the empty bag. I don't like buying kids treats which are prepacked into lots of bags, they are too expensive and add a lot of waste so the kids often end up with the remainder of packet contents in the original packaging.

Lulu said...

I flatly refuse to buy anything wrapped in layers of plastic, multipacks etc.

I cook most things from scratch. I can do 7doz bickies for about $3. No preservatives, no packaging and the SMUG feeling lol.