22 October 2010

It's Frugal Friday again

This week the weather is becoming a little more reliable.  I have been weeding the garden bed that has been resting for the last couple of weeks and thinking about what to plant for summer.
A couple of staples are tomatoes, corn, beetroot, strawberries and lettuce.

Growing your own veggies is a fantastic way to not only save money but to eat better.  Kids especially love to help in the garden and harvest what they have grown.  It is so much more exciting cooking and eating something you have grown yourself.

Not only do you save money though, there are so many benefits to having a garden.

1. beautiful organic produce
2. saved fuel costs as you don't need to go to the shops as often
3. save on plastic bags, packaging
4. save on storage as you only pick the produce as you need it
5. fewer food miles, you know it is grown here and not overseas or in another state
6. less carbon miles
7. healthy for the air we breath

So what do you do to live lighter?   Share your story and join us at Frugal Friday.  For more info and instructions go to the Frugal Friday page

Looking forward to learning with you :)


MaryAnne said...

We grew tomatoes, blueberries, and strawberries this year, and I'm hoping to add more variety next year. Gardening is a lot of fun!

Tenille said...

I've planted my first proper vegie patch this year, and I'm loving it. I cooked my first meal with my own produce the other night, and it was lovely. I have some big fat strawberries starting to turn pink, and I'm very much looking forward to munching on them.

Linnea said...

I used to grow my own veggies. It was fun. Then I moved and became gainfully employed and my garden sort of disappeared. This brings back fond memories though!

eof777 said...

Positive Kismet - Following you from BMB Friday Blog Hop!
Have a great weekend ahead!

April said...

i wish we had a garden :( not possible in our little apartment!

i found you through "boost my blog" friday hops! i hope you'll come visit me and follow back!



Sarah said...

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Teresa Choplin said...

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Jamie said...

I was just visiting your other photography blog as well... Look forward to following along!
beneath the acacia tree

Colie's Kitchen said...

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tawna6988 said...

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Little Gumnut said...

Hi Kelli,
just stopping by from AMB's Meet & Greet group!
I'm afraid I'm very much a learner when it comes to gardening, a friend has just given me a beautiful rose and I'm desperately hoping I won't end up accidentally killing it. I'm in admiration of anyone who grows their own fruit & veggies though!
Great to meet you,

Felicity said...

We just made a new vegi garden in our yard on Saturday! I can't wait to start eating what we grow! Your broccoli looks delish!!