20 November 2010

This week of learning

This week has been a quiet one on the family front.  Our learning was pretty low key after the busy week we had last week.   Lots of reading, talking and free play this week )oh hang on that is pretty much normal LOL).

Some puppet shows

Beren and I went to Hobart

We met an unusual bird

And Beren came back as a pirate after a visit to the Maritime Museum with Nan and Pop

That pretty much sums up our week. Now I am guessing some people will wonder what they learnt this week.  Okay, here we go for a quick summary off the top of my head.

Barbie play - problem solving as she wanted to create a house in her bedroom for them, she moved furniture around to create said house.
Icecream Sundae making - measurements, chemistry, fine motor skills, art
Puppet show - art, imagination, problem solving, literature
Computer game - human body explorers - learnt about the body, typing, reading
Gardening - learnt about plants, why we water them, where water comes from for our taps
Colouring in - started colouring in paper nativity scene characters as she wants to make a nativity scene (she is currently going thru a born again phase)
Singing - we sang christmas carols out of a christmas book from the library and then talked about what christmas is about
Video creating - we made a short video of Nienna doing a nativity play.

Computer -  he played Bookworm adventures and world explorer this week.
Reading - post cards from our postcrossing buddies and marked on the map where they were from
Kaleidescope - played this maths game obsessively this week.
Rush Hour- also played obsessively this week
Trip to Maritime Museum - Hobart maritime history, fishing boats, diving and pirates
Trip to Hobart Fire station - to run errands with Pop
Walk around water front in Hobart - with nan and pop

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Ewa said...

what kind of bird is that?