07 November 2010

Now for a bit of housekeeping - no not flylady!

Firstly,  Naomi and Christie will be receiving some lovely freebies in the post this week for contributing to the frugal friday meme.  I am still waiting on one more participant to contact me.

Secondly,  YAY!! I passed the 100 followers mark!!  The lovely Ms Penelope will also be stalking the post this week as she was the lucky 100!

Thank you to all my followers and a special thank you to those folk who take the time to comment,
I love comments as they make me feel so loved!

And last, but by no means least I received an award!!!  I am most surprised because I often wonder if my blog has multiple personalities as I tend to jump from one topic to another and not focus on anything in particular.  I guess it keeps my readers on their toes :P

So, without hesitation here goes:

Task 1. Thank the person who gave you the award: Thankyou Cazz from Little Learning for the award.
Task 2. Share 7 things about yourself: Only seven!  Gosh, I don't think there is much to tell really but I will try.

1) I never wanted to children and refused to breastfeed.  However, I had two children and breast fed for a total of 4yrs.

2) I am addicted to my camera, I can't go anywhere without it any more, just in case!

3)I cannot sleep in a room with the cupboard open after having a nightmare as a child where a kangaroo came out of the cupboard on wheels and tried to steal my dog

4) I went to a catholic boarding school for girls and hated it.

5) I have 5 large tubs under my bed full of yarn.

6) I have 3 large tubs under my bed full of fabric and three smaller tubs full of fat quarters.

7) I only like normal round lettuce or cos, not the fancy schmancy stuff.

Task 3. Pass the award onto 12 Bloggers you have recently discovered:

Seven Cherubs  I draw inspiration from her positive posts.  And when I feel run over by having two kids I remember that there are others with many more!

WoogsWorld  cos she make me laugh so much

Tina Gray Another honest and great blog.  She also gives good blogging hints

Bad mummy  cos she isn't actually a bad mummy

HipBubbymama  who writes most beautifully and has such wise and caring posts.

18 & knocked up Gosh I love this girl.  She is honest and has a heart of gold

childhood101  the most awesome kid orientated ideas and an excellent meme

Deep Fried Fruit  yes, another make me pee my pants blogs

DesignItChic  has the best tutorials, blog tips and another great blog hop

Frogpondsrock  great words and I love reading them

Get OVer It  an insight into a world with an aspie kid!  I learn daily from this blog

If Mom Says OK  I love the honesty of this blog and the talented writing


Maxabella said...

Yay Kebeni - you so deserve this. Jumping from one topic to another is precisely why I really like your blog.

I don't mean to laugh at something that so obviously caused you trauma but... a kangaroo on wheels? LOL.

And, your comment on the babies and the breastfeeding just confirms for me that you don't know what you know until you know, right?!


Mrs4444 said...

Congrats on your award :) I enjoyed your little tidbits about yourself. What are you going to do with the yarn?

Poor thing! That IS a nightmare!!

Mrs Woog said...

Thanks so much! Am off to read the other winner's blogs. Cheers Mrs Woog xo

frogpondsrock said...

Thankyou very much :)

Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

YEA.... so happy for you....

Naomi said...

thanks so much for the award - very sweet of you! I love it when you drop on into my blog and appreciate your support :) love the list! Naomi xx

Tina said...

I feel so bad! I thought I had responded to you! Thanks so much for the mention! I'm with great company there :) xox