14 December 2010

I love a bargain!

I went op shopping this morning with the intention of getting some old choc moulds to make re-fashioned crayons in.  As it happened there were none at any of the three shops I went to!  But I did score quite a lot for $20 spent!

First up was a stack of books, a couple for the kids and the rest are mine, all mine mwahahahaha.   hmm

Beren is sure to love this one!!  

I think this may be too young for Nienna but that is fine as there are plenty of little ones in our HS group.  it was so cute though!

An Aussie version that is way more entertaining!

This looks cool and easy enough for Beren to put up himself I reckon

We have this awesome game but for $1 I grabbed it to pass on to another family

I had doubts that this would work, I have usually hesitant to buy electrical stuff from op shops, but this was only $1.  GUESS WHAT!!! Works perfectly!

These are the containers I ended up buying to melt crayon in and remould it.  More on that later

All for $20!   What have you found at the op shops??   Or thrift shops for those readers not in Australia