11 December 2010

what a great day

Today our friends the Wades came for a visit. It was great to have them here and to do some fun stuff together.  Tanya showed Nienna and Beren how to make bath bombs, my house has the scent of essential oils through it now and I am looking forward to bath time.

Glenn, Zander, Nick, Beren and myself played with the oven and records.  For those who don't know, records are those round black things that play music, from the 'olden' days before cd's were invented.  We experimented with melting them over different shaped and sized objects.

Glenn and I had a go at some origami while Nick, Beren and Nienna had fun playing with modelling wax and transformers!

We shared lunch in the windy backyard and generally had an awesome day. My two are knackered and relaxing in front of a movie for now.


Annette said...

Love the photos!

Bath bombs are so fun & easy! And I just LOVE the record creations! It never occured to me how easy they could be to make!

fairchildstreet said...

What a wonderful day. Charmaine