28 January 2011

Bogan, the new black

It would seem that to be bogan is to be the equivalent of the 'little black dress'.  At least in the cyber world!  It has come to my attention lately that more and more people are using the term 'bogan' to describe themselves.

What once was a derogatory term for those from lower social classes with less opportunity has now become a trendy catch cry for the 'non-bogan' community.

I hear it bandied about in cafes, on the bus and in the blog-sphere of today.  Bloggers such as Mrs Woogs have been known to proudly announce their bogan heritage.  Infact, many bloggers have turned to a 'spanglish' style of language that could perhaps be named 'Boglish'.

This turn in fashion was 'wisely' predicted at bogan central, who claimed "The latest trend is to "embrace your inner Bogan". Embrace your inner boganness for the Bogan Revoloution is about to tsunami."

These lessons may be necessary as the bogan has evolved somewhat.  An example of this can be seen in your female of the species.  Once upon a time the uniform worn by the 'boganette' would have been a longish tee (possibly knotted at the side), lycra/nylon stretch leggings (mumble pants) and white, tassled  FMB's (F&^k me boots) and to top it all of nicely a very stiff, immovable plumage of fringe adding an extra half foot of height.  Now, if you live in Tasmania and work in a supermarket it is quite possible that you fit this description!

Today's boganette can often be seen in trendy boutique wear (think Supre) and sporting a rather unfortunate facial affliction known as 'duck face syndrome'.

Does this mean that the classic original bogans of the 80's generation will have to stoop a little lower and find a new persona?

And, if you want to embrace your inner bogan, lessons can always be found at Wikihow


Caz (The Truth About Mummy) said...

I have heard the bogan term a lot of late. As a child of the 80s, (when bogan was in it's heyday)I just can't use it. To me it's still a put down! Nice post - made me think :)

ClaireyH said...

The bogan post is here. http://claireyhewitt.blogspot.com/2010/10/fridays-find-blogs-bogans-and-woogs.html

And there is a new word on the scene, the Rogan, a rich bogan.

Veronica said...

After living for a short time in a very bogan suburb, I can't quite work out why people would want to consider themselves one. 'F*ck ya, ya f*cken dog' is not a catch-cry I aspire too.

But then, I'm generally in the minority when it it comes to these things!

Amanda said...

Started reading this, then got distracted by the shiney Project 365 sidebar and followed you on there.
What were we talking about?
Oh yeah - Bogans.
I've always classed myself as a bit of a bogan. ...except one with higher than average intelligence.... 'cause I have a red Torana AND a PhD.
Go figure.

Trish@Show and Tell said...

Popping in from AMB to follow you and check out your blog.
Love it! Will be back!


Kate said...

Love this!

I've referred to myself as a bogan for ages now. I live in a pretty bogan town, my hub drives a truck, we both have tattoos, I wear leggings and thongs (on my feet lol) like they're a uniform, I drink scotch and coke rather than wine.

I love my boganicity!

But there are degrees of bogan I think.

We used to live next door to what we referred to as the 'feral bogans'. The druggie domestically violent losers with too much $ and not enough brains.

I'm just a boring bogan. But I'd love to be a CUB (cashed up bogan) ;D

Bel said...

LOL Kelli, I really enjoyed this piece! x