21 March 2011

Home ed camp weekend

We had our camp this weekend, from Friday afternoon til Sunday afternoon.  It was just awesome!!  We took along the divine Ms M and Master J with us so their mother could have some study time.  They were not disappointed and I think are quite envious of us home schoolers :)

We arrived around 8pm on Friday night and settled in then joined the others at the camp fire for toasted marshmallows and chatter.  The children were playing spotlight with some of the parents too.

The camp itself is a great spot.  Nestled in natural bushland it has a large hall, dining room and kitchen, bathroom block and then four bunkhouses of varying size.  Further down is a large grassy area for camping and play then a bonfire pit and a few metres from that is the beach.  The beach is beautiful and a great place for finding ocean treasures but is all rocks and oyster shells.  This means no bare feet unfortunately.  This didn't stop kids from swimming, wading and exploring though.  Some fishing was done too without much success though.

Rocks were collected and ground to make paint for body painting.  Thus the "Paper Beach Tribe" was born!

Later on Saturday night we had a bush dance with the added bonus of Nienna, Ms A and Ms J putting on a karaoke and interpretive dance performance.

Beren and I did a night time nature walk as there are many wallabies, bandicoot, possums and pademelon in the area to watch.  It was also a great spot to see the awesome full moon.

I don't think anyone left unsatisfied on Sunday.  I can't wait until the next camp and think we should do it more than once a year!


Tanya Wade said...

what a great time we had an d love the pics.....can i borrow a couple Kelli xxxxx

Happy Elf Mom said...

Oh how funnnn! How long did it take to clean the markings? :)

belinda said...

That looks like a fantastic experience. I can certainly understand why you think it should happen more than once a year.

Kind Regards

Launi said...

Ooooooh--brave, brave! I'm so scared of jellyfish and what was that great, huge caterpillar thing? It was enormous! What a good time those kids are having.

Fieona said...

Miss M and MJ had a wonderful time and would be more than happy to join you at the next camp. Great pics Kelli.