22 March 2011


okay, have I got your attention now??

I am pleased to be able to offer a dvd/bluray pack of the movie

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 

My kids absolutely loved this movie.  Having seen the first one some time ago they still got into it and loved the addition of puppy love and the babies.  Was very entertaining for them and I am sure any child would love this movie even if they haven't seen the first.

To win simply add a comment BY YOUR CHILD!!  of what they would call a puppy if they got one!  I will draw this randomly in two weeks on 5 April.  This post has been sponsored by Porter Novelli and all opinions are my own.


Your Cheeky Monkey said...

From Adam (aged 4) - If we got another puppy I would call him 'Scooby'! (Can you tell what movies we are into at the moment hehe)

Thank you! Monique :-)

Tanya Wade said...

from zander....if i get another puppy i will call it diesel......

ClaireyH said...

Popps says: but we just got a new dog, her name is Peppa. Are we getting another dog?

Bel said...

We are getting a new puppy on Monday and have named him Rocket. He's small, and we call him Pocket Rocket (Lily 8).

Caz (The Truth About Mummy) said...

Our little pinks already have two puppies (Jack and Lucy) but when I asked them they said Max and Millie !!!!!!

shae said...

Tannah (almost 6)- says Isabella

Not very exciting but her very direct answer!

Mumma's Mini Me's - Kym said...

I asked my daughter aged 2 about a puppy and her response was..... "cute" with a scrunched up face and a smile, giving it a pretend hug.
Thanks for the giveaway my daughter loves, loves! dogs and she would flip for this!


CrankyMum- said...

Nice blog

I just asked my 2 & a half yr old what she would call a dog & she said Friday Dog lol , well I think she said Friday Dog , she was more interested in looking at the picture .