08 April 2011

ancient wisdom

Today I was fortunate enough to visit the river banks at Deloraine at the same time as the launch of a bark canoe.  
This was a joint project between the justice youth workers at Colony47 and Aboriginal youth at Ashley Detention Centre.  
We watched as a young man proudly paddled a canoe he helped make, cheered on by peers, teachers and strangers.  It was a beautiful moment to observe, an insight into ancient culture as it is handed down to another generation.  
I only wish I was fortunate enough to be part of such a timeless, wise and beautiful people.

It was a shame no media deemed this project important enough to attend (as promised) so others could share the moment and celebrate the positives manifested from such an event.  

We all learnt so much today, thank you to all concerned.


Alice Becomes said...

wow, really interesting images

I bet you did learn a lot - what a shame the media did not come by and help spread the learning

Gill xo

Aer Conditionat said...

Seems that you had a lot of fun, congratulations. I can`t wait to come the spring to lunch my canoe on the river.

mummabare said...

culture is the foundation for these young men and it is what will help them through the tough challenges they face as Indigenous people. Looks like a wonderful project, I hope that it continues for them. If you like, you could contact the Koori Mail by email and suggest it as a story. They can follow up more details and it seems you had some great photos they could use :) The river looks beautiful, what a gorgeous place to live xx

j stephens said...

thats me proudly paddling the bark canoe .. awesome day :)

kelli schultz said...

awesome! I felt privileged to witness this event.