06 April 2011

and the Winner is.............

Cranky mum!!

Remember way back when I offered the totally gorgeous dvd of Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2  for a prize and all you had to do was get your kidlets to tell us what they would call a puppy.

Well, Cranky mum's little one said she would call her puppy "FRIDAY".  Would that mean the dog would do all her jobs or would it just always be Friday at their place?

Anyway, congratulations and I have emailed you Cranky Mum, all you need do is let me know your postal details and the dvd will be on it's way to your door, courtesy of Porter Novelli!


CrankyMum- said...

Thank you for the DVD , I have replied to your email


CrankyMum- said...

Hi Kelli

Just letting you know , I received the DVD yesterday & already the kids have watched it a few times .

Thanks again