03 April 2011

Sunday again

Joining in on my two Sunday memes once again.  Although I have to admit this happened yesterday and today was a bit mundane and uneventful.

Nienna had a birthday party to go to in the afternoon so we finished off sewing our gifts.  She designed a horse and I sewed it together, bit shabby but made with love.

We made some felt hair ties and Nienna made a bead bracelet by herself that spelt out the birthday girl's name

Lastly a bag to put the gifts in.  I hate wrapping paper and prefer to make a bag that can be used again and again to 'wrap' the gift in.

Before the party we went to city park to see the Dinosaur Petting show.  This is part of an annual event called Ten days on the Island. It was fabulous, the host was wonderful with the children and added enough adult humour to keep the parents amused too.  Unfortunately I couldn't get a spot to see the show but could hear it clearly and see the dinosaurs on there way to and from the stage area.
If this show comes near you I thoroughly recommend it!

A bonus feature of being in the park was having the Australian Youth Orchestra and Tasmanian Youth Orchestra playing.  We picnicked with our friends and listened to the beautiful music on offer before heading off to the birthday party.  Perfect day for the park as it was glorious sunshine all day!

While Nienna partied, Beren and I went for a drive and accidently found ourselves at Andi's Gelato house and well, we had to do some serious quality control testing.  This ice-cream is divine!!!!  Our selections for the day were: berry yoghurt, baked cheesecake and death by chocolate.

We were serenaded by this little fellow while we ate.

We did a bit of exploring down lane ways and farm roads, I loved this drive on a property on Quamby Bend.  This part of Tasmania is home to so many of the original old farming properties, some still run by the same families.

A little later we took a wander around the old St Marys Church at Hagley and found the graves of three possible ancestors on my mothers side.
I let Beren have a play with the good camera too which he was thrilled about.

sunday in my city


Tara R. said...

The dino petting show sounds like fun. I bet the kids really loved it.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Your homemade gifts, right down to the pink bag, are terrific. I hope the party was a blast and the gift appreciated.

The dino/music afternoon looks like a fun mix of activities for a sunny day.

Thanks for sharing and happy SIMC, jj

Keetha Broyles said...

Coming by from the SIMC linky party. So strange to realize you are finishing summer and we are barely beginning to warm up to it.

Unknown Mami said...

I love the gifts you made especially the hair ties. I'm not a fan of wrapping paper either and love giving gifts in reusable bags.

Amy said...

Making homemade gifts is a wonderful skill to pass on to your daughter. Good for you!