01 April 2011

forget the organic food! Get some organic learning into ya!

As I sit here in front of the screen procrastinating (and putting off a sewing task I have promised Nienna I would do), I am listening to my two children.  They are sitting together in the lounge room making lists, writing invites and drawing up plans for a two storey house they have decided to build.  The lists are of materials they will need and quantities.  For the record, Nienna wants it to look olden dayish cos she is 'fascinated with old times' apparently!
The invites are to people asking for their help in saving up to build this house and also asking them to help build it.  Poppy gets a personal letting asking for his assistance as he built his shed!
Nienna being the bossiest most organised of the two is doing a jobs lists for everyone LOL
Beren is going to be in charge of the blue prints from what I believe.   Oh and the house will be in the country so they will need horses to gallop up and down the hills and someone to carry buckets of water.  
I am typing this stuff as I hear it, what an entertaining way to spend my morning.  Interspersed with the occasional "how do you spell......."

Organic learning as we speak.   Beren, will argue with me for hours if I ask him to write something, yet he has spent the last hour doing it!
Beautiful!! What are your kids learning today??

 One of Beren's letters, they will be sent to everyone they know

 Nienna's work in progress of materials needed.

He asked me to write the one to pop so he will understand the writing.

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