30 June 2011

Sourdough love

First you need a starter.  Mine was a donation from a lovely friend.  To this starter I added 100gr of warm water and 100gr of rye flour to feed the wee beast.

Once it had digested and was nicely bubbled I turned most of it out into a china bowl and added 3.5cups of warm water and the same amount of flour.  I used a mix of rye and spelt flour this time.  I mixed it and let it sit in a warm spot for about 12hrs but covered with a cloth.  Be sure to use glass or china and not metal when playing with this.

Once my mix had proven a bit I added more rye flour to make it a thick but sticky mix.  I put it into a bread tin and covered it with a cloth and let it prove overnight.

To bake I heated the oven as hot as it can go and cooked it at this temp (260c) for 10minutes.  I then reduced the heat to 190c and backed for a further 50min.

The taste was perfect, just the right amount of sourness and because I used rye and spelt it was a nice flavour combination.   I think I will make a thicker dough next time and cook on the higher heat for longer and see how that affects the texture as it was still a tiny bit sticky inside.

Overall I give it a 5/10  and figure it turned out pretty good for a first time loaf!

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