31 July 2011

and we have landed!

As some will know we moved house this past week.  It was a spur of the moment decision and the universe was smiling down on us:)
I had been throwing the idea around for at least six months but hadn't really had a serious attempt at finding anything, and well I guess the timing just hadn't been right.  After a couple of challenging months that saw my children's father having to move out of his house due to criminals and threats to him and our children we saw this place and decided to apply for it.  The story for the last few months is a sad and long winded one that isn't mind to tell really but needless to say, even ex-husbands don't deserve the treatment mine has suffered recently.
Thus, we found a place at Bridport that has a huge three bedroom house upstairs with double garage, large workshop/storage area and 2 bedroom flat downstairs.  It is perfect for our situation and the kids get to see their dad again in his own place.  We all have separate entrances and there is no path crossing so we all stay happy.  Even better, the rent I pay is only $200 per week and he pays $100pw.  This is a super bargain and we would be paying twice as much if we were in Launceston.  
Bonus is that our little town has all our basic needs, Scottsdale is only 15min away and has larger supermarket, OP SHOPS! and more and to get to Launceston is on ly 50min.
So, here is a bit of a tour now that I have done the majority of the unpacking....

Our view, I cannot get tired of this and the changing shades, it is idealic.  Check out the huge sand dunes on the other side of Anderson's Bay!

My pantry, not huge by walk in standards but OH GEE!! the space is terrific.  It is the first place I have been in that has TOO much space LOL

The is the kitchen.  The little cubby hole is for a microwave I suspect but it doesn't have enough space for air to circulate IMO and the power cord had to run down the front of the wall which looked messy.  Much prefer fridge and microwave in pantry and my cookbooks fit neatly in the hole.

The other side of the kitchen.  Only thing missing is a dishwasher! :(

Nienna's bedroom, only time you will see it this neat! She is with her dad this weekend!

Beren's room is always need and everything has to be in the right spot - go aspy boy!!

I love my room!  I need a nice comfy chair though as it is a bit bare!  

 From the window, the door near the dresser is to the WALK IN ROBE!! Yes, more storage space!

The lounge room with the ugliest bar in the state!  As it is bolted down and can't be moved I have made it the computer desk for the kidlets and hide all the home ed stuff behind it.  Above is behind the bar.

The dining room is largish too and my poor little table looks a bit odd. I think I need a wooden square table and will look at getting one eventually.  I also set the desk up there for art work etc and my sewing table.

The lounge room looking from the dining room.  In the background is the stair well down to the garage.  Ignore the shabbing rug on the couch, it covers all the sun faded damage.  Need a new lounge suite too!

And looking out the sliding doors from where I am sitting in the dining room is the balcony/verandah/deck.  There are double glass doors opening onto the deck from the lounge room too so we can have indoor/outdoor living in summer.  We have already had a few lunches and breakfasts out there and I can tell it will be a fave spot!  The kids like using it as a stage.

So, this is our new home.  Next time I will do a tour of the outside gardens and mini orchard! stay tuned...


KatinSpace said...

WOWOWOWOW!!! Beautiful Kell!!! Congratulations.

Sif said...

Wow, wow, wow! I love it! It seems like the perfect solution to all your needs! The view is just stunning, too! And I can't get over the rent, hahaha! So happy for you guys!

Kat said...

gosh thats an amazing find and so cheap- we pay $510 for a tiny 3 bedroom house in brisbane..envious of all that space and such a bargain!

Kate said...

Wow Kelli it looks awesome! Just perfect for you all. And what a view!

Anonymous said...

The house looks great and what a wonderful location. What a perfect set up for you all. Hope the good fortune continues for years ahead. xx

Happy Elf Mom said...

Sweet. And you know, it says a lot about both your characters that you could find a solution that works for everyone. I hope God blesses you with many wonderful years there; it looks so, so beautiful.

Congrats! :)

Belinda said...

Congratulations on the move. The situation sounds like it has a lot of positives for everyone.

Kind Regards

Annette said...

How amazing for you all Kel! So glad that things are finally happening for you the way you wanted. All the best xxx

Bel said...

Fantastic solution, Kel. I want to come visit! xx