05 August 2011

my garden

This is the mini orchard, there are five trees.  One is apple and one is peach but the others are unlabelled so it will be a surprise.

 ah, my girl.  a really bad photo but I wanted to take the opportunity while it arose

The side garden, there are strawberries at the top section and I will put lettuce, tomatoes and corn in here too.

More strawberries, plus the ones in the white boxes I bought from our last place

trellis in the background has passion fruit vine around it, there is a lemon tree in the foreground and I am not sure what the tree in between is.

The front side garden as shown by Nienna

The succulent garden, I like this and will put more in over time.  I love succulents and collect them.

where else would you expect a pea plant other than along side a bulb under a yukka plant LOL

Herbs, with a good display of rosemary climbing the wall

and the piece de resistance!  I know, you all want one and are incredibly jealous!  A wishing well!

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