26 September 2011

Clowning around

Yesterday we went to a clown/crazy hair birthday party for the lovely Miss Rose who was turning ten.  I think I fluked it in the costume department this time.  At the op-shop we found the blue feather boa and the American Indian girl dress and a perfect doona cover with stars and flowers on it.  We bought the wigs at chickenfeed (discount store) and some pompoms to decorate with.  I made Beren's clown pants from the doona cover and some coat-hanger wire threaded thru the waist to make them stick out like clown pants do.  They were a hit!  The party goers all looked awesome with everyone getting in on the fun and dressing up.  The dads of the day also got in on it with host transforming himself as a ring master complete with tuxedo and Mr M made a very colourful DJ.

Sunday in my city

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Unknown Mami said...

Excellent handiwork on the costumes.