15 November 2011


We spent the weekend in Bicheno staying with my folks.  My dad shouted us a visit to natureworld and as we haven't been for a while we decided to take him up on his offer.
Natureworld has recently changed ownership and I must say it has been a positive step.  I think the old owners had become a bit jaded and lost interest to the detriment of the park and the new owners are showing signs of reviving the old spark!  (Although, their website is very out of date and needs some tlc.)

My  mum came with us and we all thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent there.  Because of weather we didn't go until late in the day so we didn't get to see all the attractions.  We could have taken up the offer of a visitor pass enabling us to return the next day but we had plans and couldn't make it.

However, what we did see was entertaining enough.  We all got to have pats of the Tasmanian Devils and spend time with their carer while he fed them.  Did you know they can open their jaws to a massive 90 degrees!!  This helps them have the power to much through bone to get to the marrow.  They are very cuddly creatures having been partially hand reared and they are soooo soft!

They have a fabulous interpretation centre for the devils too.  This is necessary as an unfortunate facial tumour is spreading rapidly among the wild devil population and diminishing their numbers.  They seem to think that wild devils will become extinct and the only ones left will be those bred in captivity.  The park has been part of a long term project that involves research and preservation plus breeding programs to protect the species.  It would be such a sad loss if they died out because of this disease.

We were honoured to witness a peacock dance, designed to woo a local peahen.  It seemed we were much more impressed than her as she wandered off!

The kids loved feeding the animals in the park, the lambs and pony especially.  I am sure they have more animals than the last time I visited, particularly in the bird enclosure. There were so many beautiful coloured birds to see.

All in all it was a great visit!


Unknown Mami said...

I've never seen a peacock dance. Was it sexy? Was the recipient enticed? Could I learn some of those moves and show them to my hubby?

Kebeni said...

The peacock was gorgeous and he kind of shimmied and rustled. It must not have been to sexy in the bird world though as the pea hen just wandered off LOL