24 November 2011

synchronicity and other weird stuff

It's funny, sometimes I just cruise along and am oblivious to 'things' happening around me.  But at other times it is like I am on high alert and this week has been one of those weeks.  I am a member on Ravelry, the knitting/yarn website but find I am not frequenting the forums like I used to.  However the other day I poked my head in and checked out some of the threads on there, my 'ears pricked up' when I read a couple of posts by a fellow member. Things she said made me wonder if I knew her or at least her husband, so I sent a message to her.  Turns out she is married to an old school friend of mine who I hadn't seen for years and we also have a mutual friend.  Not to mention our mutual interest in yarn and crafts.  I really hope to catch up with them sometime as they also live in the north of Tassie.

The next out of the blue thing was when a fellow home ed mum asked if I was the Kelli who knew a mutual friend.  I was and it turned out that mamaS had been writing to mamaB for years.
Talk about small worlds huh!

This kind of thing blows me away.  I have believed for a long time that we are all drawn together and that our lives are not made up of coincidences.  I think we meet people along the way for a specific reason, be it small or large.  These people may pass through briefly or stay for the duration.  I take heart in the fact that I am surrounded by people who are meant to be in my life and I theirs.  

This was highlighted many years ago when I used to attend a meditation circle in Hobart.  This circle was made up of like minded women ranging in age from me (early 30's) to a lady in her late 70's.  There were about 10 of us who met weekly.  On more than one occasion we would all have the same vision during our meditations and one of the women suggested this was a shared past life.  The more I talked with these women and studied literature on the subject the more I felt this was true.  It also led me to believe that we travel through our various lives with the same people.  These people play different roles each lifetime but they are all there.  I like to think that 'deja vu' , that feeling of having met someone before is an example of this.  That sense of feeling instantly comforted by someone or a group of people.

That sense of belonging happened to me with a group of women in Melbourne.  We came together as a small group who liked to knit, but this group fast become a strongly bonded group of friends.  We all commented on how bizarre it was that we be so close and comfortable with each other instantly.

I also have a circle of friends in the cyber world.  We have met through various parenting forums and have our own closed forum where we talk, lament, rejoice etc.  We are but a few yet we each seem reluctant to let go of each other.  I was chatting with one of the other mums last night about what I have written and she wondered if it was because we have known each other before, therefore we are attracted to each other and just there for each other in the background. We all come from various places in Australia so cannot all be there on a physical level but there is a strong bond amongst us regardless of our isolation.

What do you think? Do you have a bond with others that is different, feel connected for no real reason?

source: pastlives


Leah - Bogue Living said...

I believe it! reincarnation, synchronicity, the whole shebang!

i have dreams that i think are of my past life, i think i died in a village massacre LOL charming hey?

also when audrey was born, i felt sorry for her that she didn't know anyone yet. it was a very clear emotion to me. i think she was newly minted on earth lol owen has been here before, he knew/knows the drill.

Belinda said...

It really is interesting.

I come across people like you that seem to have lots of these types of connections in their lives, where as I have very few.

Being honest basically one that fit's that mould. That said the one that does is pretty hard to explain any other way. We found each other in a large uni doing two totally different courses. Even now when we have been in each other's lives for longer than either of us are happy to say out loud people that know one or the other of us just can't work out how we fit. Sometimes we drift in and out of each other's life according to what's going on but it's never a challenge to reach out if there is need or even simply just deep want.

Kind Regards

gemiNy said...

Absolutely YES!!! I've just finished reading the last book of the Celestine Prophecy series, 'The Twelfth Insight'. I love all the books for reminding me to stay open to synchronistic events.

The fact that you went out with my husband before he & I met, then you & I met online was one of those moments in itself.

Jayne said...

Yes I'm also a big believer in synchronicty, karma, past lives and coincidences sometimes being about something much more. I see this in some of my friendships, and those of my children too :)