06 December 2011

Go and get bunted!!

We have a cat.
We have a cat who eats tinsel.
Thus, we can't do tinsel decorations at Christmas!
Solution:  bunting!

I have seen this around quite a bit lately in cutsie type house/baby/toy shops and a friend does paper ones quite a bit that I just love.  As I am a collector hoarder of fabric (and yarn, felt, fleece, buttons.........)  I decided to use up some Christmas fabric, I mean that is what you are meant to do with fabric right!

So, are you ready for a really craptacular tutorial??

You will need:
fabric (amount depends on how much you want to make)
cutting board
rotary cutter
sharp scissors (the good scissors!)
1inch wide bias binding
sewing machine
pinking shears (optional)

I used rotary cutters to cut all my fabric and scissors to trim after sewing pieces together.
My measurements were 10cm x 16cm x 16cm but you could make them any size you want of course.

After cutting out all the pieces I matched them up in pairs and pinned together.  I found pinning like the diagram below held the points in place much better.

Then came the sewing.  I gave a small seam allowance as I hadn't used pinking shears on mine and used a short straight stitch.

Once all the pieces are paired and sewn you need to trim so both sides are even with each other and all loose threads are gone.  You then need to pin the bias binding in place.  About three pins per triangle holds nicely and I used a wider bias binding as it was easier to keep in place.  I did do a small one with narrow but it was more fiddly.

Sew along the inner edge of the binding with same coloured cotton, neaten the ends and cut of any loose threads and you are done!!


Tanya Wade said...

luv luv luv this think i will make some this week.....

Bel said...