10 December 2011

Things I know

*I know that I like hanging out with the older ladies in the local art group.  They are very rude LOL, funny and wise.
*I know I won't be serving up beetroot in jelly on Christmas day, despite being assured of it's popularity (possibly in the 50's!).
*I know that I am blessed to have two happy, healthy and loving kidlets.
*I know that I am tired way too much.
*I know I need to lose weight as I am a high risk for diabetes and heart conditions.
*I know I have had a year of more highs than lows this year :)

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Jayne said...

Ewww, beetroot in jelly. Not my idea of a delicious Christmas dish.

So nice to hear that you've had more highs than lows! Here's to more of that.

nellbe said...

no beetroot jelly! oh no that is just not right! Just joking, I for one cannot imagine it.