12 January 2012

Twas the nearly three weeks after Christmas..................

and I have finally got my arse into gear to blog some stuff.  Naturally it isn't my fault I am way behind, tis my laptop's fault.  I had to take ALL THE THINGS off the lappy and do a factory reset, just to remind it that I am boss after all!
Then I had to put MOST OF THE THINGS back on, reload programs etc etc and photos.  I mean what would a blog post be without photos! huh!

Christmas came and went as it usually does.  Small people spent Christmas eve with their dad celebrating the day.  My folks came up and spent two nights with us.  Presents were swapped, tongues bitten ( :P ) and food eaten in vast amounts.  All in all it was a lovely time and we may just do it again this year!

Nienna made gifts for everyone this year.  I was spoilt and received three from her which included the framed drawing of the three of us (top left).  Pop received a word game and Nanna a felted christmas picture.  Both kids were able to up the quota of small, painful and easily lost bits again this year in the form of mucho lego, polly pocket and LPS. (see below)

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Kathryn said...

Nice to see your parents and the kids surrounded by xmas presents, they look like they were spoilt rotten. I bet you are still finding pieces under the sofas etc... even now. Home made gifts are lovely. We had one year we made everyone chocolate truffles and peppermint creams and decorated the boxes.