21 January 2012

visiting real life

I was laying in bed this morning thinking "OMG I must do some blog posts today!" Then I thought how absurd that was.  Why MUST I do some?  To prove that I am able to sit at my computer and write about the life I could be taking part in?

Blogging is weird isn't it.  So many people blog nowadays, actually make money from it.  And whether a writer or reader we become somewhat consumed by it.  I did go through that stage of trying to join ALL THE MEME themes and join the forums and do the reviews but not for long.  It became very much like a job that took far too much of me and my time.  I certainly wasn't and never could be part of the "IT' I.T crowd.  I admire those who can write well, are witty and entertaining.  Those who exploit for want of attention I like not so much.

Exploitation of family can often be seen in blogs.  As my kids get older I feel less and less inclined to blog about them or to show photos of them much.  I respect their wishes and my daughter certainly lets it be known if she doesn't want something to go on the internet!  My son doesn't give two hoots really but I feel that  it won't be long and they will probably read this blog and I don't want to be an embarrassment to them or to hurt their feelings in any way.

So, yes.  My blog posts are very spasmodic of late as I am enjoying our gorgeous weather, friends and family out there in real life.

off eating macaroons in the sunshine


Ceejay said...

Funny I was thinking pretty much the same thing today hon. Rather ironic really. ;) xx

Leah - Bogue Living said...

i gave it a crack too, ultimately it was not a style that fit, it isn't meant to feel like work. and i barely read any of the blogs i came into contact to trying to "get out there" cause they don't really float my boat so I think that's a pretty good indication it's not for me. i could list what peeves me, but i think it's better just to chalk it up to horses for courses. If others enjoy it, no skin off my nose!

I think that's three sayings for 12 lines of comment, how embarrassment LOL