21 January 2012

Yarny goodness

Nienna put an order in for a new cardigan.  She is quite specific in what she wants and we finally found a pattern to suit her glamorous lifestyle LOL

I refuse to spend too much on yarn for her things as she is rather hard on clothes!  We used the spot light merino which is a reasonable yarn and comes in great colours.   I love the colour she chose too.

This pattern came from the Berroco Comfort- book for girls #291.  I bought this ages ago at Tangled Yarns in Brisbane when I was up there for work.  Heads up to Brisvegas folks as this store is awesome!!

I did the largest size in the Ferris pattern and did a short length with 3/4 sleeves for summer.  I was quite pleased with how it turned out but gee I much prefer knitting all in one piece rather than having sew pieces together.

I really like the front bodice on this.

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