22 January 2012

veggie garden madness

I love having a garden to play in.  This year I planted the following with varied success:

Zucchini - going great guns and will soon be ready to pick.
Cauliflower- I no can grow this!  They turn out spindly and flat.
Broccoli- harvested and eaten, going to plant some more!
Lettuce- first lot eaten by birds, 2nd lot grossly deformed but tasty. Will plant more
Tomato- the ones I planted haven't gone that well but the self seeded are mad!
Spring Onions- died
Basil- struggling. I think because these are in Styrofoam boxes.
Strawberries- wowzers!  on average I am picking 1/2kg a night and they are great!
Mini Cabbage- haven't tried them yet but they are sooooo cute.
Corn- one plant survived the birds (cue horror music) and has 1 ear of corn on it.
Beetroot- done quite well and almost all picked.
Potatoes- going great in their tyre beds.

I plan on planting some more lettuce, beetroot and broccoli and possibly onions again.
The strawberries I have at the moment will soon become jam (shhhh).
Our one apple tree has heaps of apples so they will be shown the dehydrator and stewing pot.
I have been watching some pears growing over the fence from next door and will grab some.
Although we have a gorgeous amount of passionflowers I am thinking they are not so passionate as we haven't any fruit as yet.  Will read up on them I think and see what the go is.  Could be they are ornamental only.
The peach tree also hasn't fared well.  I think it needs to be pruned correctly and will do that come winter.  It has about 6 peaches on it and that is all.

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