23 January 2012

Tip chic

Yesterday my mate Steve and I took a trip to t'other side of the river.  We were on a mission to find ALL THE THINGS!!
First stop was Westbury tip/dump/trash site/rubbish disposal/recycling depot etc etc
Steve has a friend who works there on a Sunday so we got the opportunity to get down and dirty and do some scavenging and scavenge we did!  Fortunately for us some one old who was a hoarder had recently passed and all her household goodies were there ripe for the picking (RIP Lady hoarder).  We hit the mother lode!!
Next stop was the Deloraine tip shop.  This is fantastic and I think every tip should have one.  It is well organised soooooooooo cheap!  You can also hit the rubbish piles out back that are sorted into timber, metal, plastic. Great for artists such as Steve and also for anyone looking for used building materials.
I came home with a car load of barbie stuff, heaps of books, Tupperware, a barrel worm farm, industrial light shade, sewing box, a perfect pair of red clogs for me, retro bag, box of fossils and gemstones and sun burn.  We had a fabulous day and I thoroughly recommend both tips and the nearby Scottsdale tip that also has a shop on site.
back seats down and car chockers!

bratz house and barbie cruiseship

retro barbie house

she has now expanded her empire dramatically!

These stockings sell for about $10 a pair on ebay as they are original 1950's.  We got a huge bag of them!

Industrial lightshades sell for $40-100 on ebay.  I don't think this one will do really well as it isn't in the greatest condition.

Cute green bag, used to hold a hairdryer set I think as it still had a ronson warranty card in it.

As new sewing box, perfect as Nienna wanted one for ages.

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