24 January 2012

looking back

I am child free this weekend and spent the morning visiting two garage sales, an art exhibition and a bit of newspaper reading and coffee at the local cafe.  tomorrow I am doing a tour of tip shops with my friend Steve who is a mixed media artist.  (bare in mind that I wrote this on Saturday even though you are probably reading it a few days later)

Despite my earlier post about visiting real life I have actually devoted some time this afternoon to blogging.  I also thought I would go back and see what I was blogging about on similar dates over the past few years.

  • Last year I was writing about bogans and how they are so fashionable.  This was bought on after our trip to Melbourne and meeting up with friends and discussing the latest trends etc

  • In 2010 I didn't blog for all of January, we were busy visiting family and beaching it by the look of things. I did do a big catch up post at the start of February though to make up for it.

  • Back in 2009 we had just moved back to Tassie from Melbourne, there were a lot of emotional posts around this time and mad packing.  I wrote this one once we had arrived and were staying with my parents in Bicheno waiting for our house to become vacant to move into.  The last few years have zoomed by and have mostly been good ones!

  • I have chosen two posts for 2008 trip down memory lane as I found them both to be strong reminders of how I do want to live.  For all of 2008 I took part in a non-consumer challenge.  This meant setting down some ground rules regarding purchasing and I am proud to say I managed this for the whole year.  In fact, re-reading the post has prompted me to think seriously about doing this again and I think it deserves a post of it's own.  The other post for that year is a "pay it forward' post and I am going to do this again as I think it is a lovely idea of sharing.
I can't really go any further back as the posts are archived and photos not available.  I started this blog in August 2007.  Before that I had a home ed blog and a knitting blog that I decided to combine rather than have to manage more than one blog.  Funny that now I have three!

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