08 February 2012

Gettin' it orn in the kitchen!

Did some making and some baking today.  
As you can see I like to do about a squillion things at once!  
I was making lunch, muesli, biscuits, jam and icecream at the same time.

Visiting a couple of people tomorrow and don't like going empty handed.  
I used the old fave 100 cookie recipe (or Too Many Biscuits) with my added twists that are as follows:

1 can condensed milk
1c coconut sugar
500g butter (I know, sounds like heaps but it make heaps!)
5 c wholemeal plain flour
10tsp baking powder.  (you can use SR flour if you prefer)

I pretty much chuck it all into a mixing bowl and combine then let sit for an hour or so.  This is when I add whatever yummies I want to the mix.  
Today was raisins and choc chips.   
Out of this mix I made 4 dozen biscuits and froze to rolls of uncooked cookie dough.  See, you really do get stacks and I tend to make them on the large size LOL

 I adapted my muesli recipe from a friend's and it tends to change every time I make it.  Basically I warm some honey, golden syrup and butter in a sauce pan.  Throw a few cups of oats in a bowl, add nuts/seeds/spices that you like then mix thru the syrupy mix.  Lay out on a baking tray and bake at about 160 for 5-10 min until toasty brown. Give a stir and pop back in for a bit.  
Careful as it can burn very quickly.
Once it has cooled I stir thru dried fruit, chia seeds and coconut.  
It is very moorish!!

Now I was going to make banana bread but ran out of time, however I did manage a quick and easy lentil lasagne.
Combine a tin of lentils, a tin of sanitarium savoury lentils, half a jar of pasta sauce  and simmer until it has reduced a bit and the lentils are nice and soft.  I also grated in a zucchini as I had one from the garden.  Layer with lasagna noodles and a small sprinkle of cheese.  top with sauce and cheese and bake until noodles are soft.  I also had leftover potatoes from last night so I smashed them and made a layer with those too.  IT IS DELICIOUS AND A FAVE WITH THE KIDLETS!!!!!!!

We were given some greengages so I made a batch of jam with  them. It turned out perfect and it is bizarre how much it tastes like apricot jam. weird!

 I also made a new icecream.  I have been experimenting and I think I have the texture perfect now!  This one was:
1 c milk (I use oat milk)
3/4 coconut sugar
3 egg yolks
The coconut sugar gave the most awesome caramel flavour!   I threw a handful of choc buds in at the end of the custard making just for a darker colour more than anything.
This morning I whipped through 2c of cream then put it in the icecream maker.  Once it was pretty much frozen I added about 12 oreos broken up to the mix.  
We had some for dessert tonight and Oh Em Gee!!!!!!!!!!

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