14 March 2012

sleep deprivation

oh my golly gee!
No wonder they use it as a torture tool when they don't torture 'terrorists!  holy fuck balls!
Not sleeping because of a mix of insomnia and pain and then not having the opportunity to catch up (plus everything mentioned in previous post) has really wreaked havoc around here.
Having mum here has meant I can sleep when tired and catch up somewhat.I can lay down and not get up for little jobs, feeding kids, playing board games etc and this has helped immensely.
I am lucky that I someone who will drop everything and come when needed.
To all those concerned I am feeling better than I was.  I am by no means 'better' but getting there and I can see an end to this bum grape saga.  I hope to get into have surgery sooner than later though as I am not sure how much longer I can endure constant pain and still grimace smile.

This was doing the rounds on facebook and I thought I would share it as it is just gorgeous and made me giggle.

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