24 April 2012

Grocery wrap up and Fortnight two

Well my first menu planning fortnight has come to a close so I thought I had better do a wrap up and plan the next one.
When I wrote my first plan I had spent $164.
That has increased somewhat.   I spent an extra $47 at the supermarket, $35 at the wholesalers and $52 at co-op.  The wholesaler and co-op are not regular shopping spots.  I buy bulk at both when needed (probably every couple of months).  
My final total was $298 and $20 spent on takeaway Sunday night (due to broken arm of boy child late at hospital incident).
This seems excessive even to me but I did by bulk items that I won't need to buy for some time again.

 As for the menu plan, I stuck to it pretty much.  Just swapped some days around here and there.  Sunday, ended up a fizzle and we had fish and chips and tonight was meant to be roast veg (after a swap around) but ended up being home made pizza as I got home from Launceston late.

I added some new dishes and all meals gained the tick of approval from the kids so that was good.  Didn't freeze any portions but also no food wastage as we ate left overs and I gave a family meal portion of soup to a friend to save her cooking for a night.

So, all good and I hope to get better as this goes on.

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carmen@musingnmayhem said...

I *should* do this... *sigh*
But everything is in bulk here... ugh.
Menu planning - I wish!
Ok... I'll attempt it. Just hope the cook joins in. ;)