16 April 2012

remember how I said I would NEVER get a smart phone?

hmmmm, well seems I have acquired one.  However, I didn't do so out of phone envy or the urge to tell everyone where I am and what I am doing at that exact moment.
While assessing household expenses it seemed that the internet/phone plan I am on is quite expensive when it comes to making phone calls.  The fact we live in a 'remote' area that means a call to the nearest city, Launceston is a long distance call doesn't help matters.  Thus, my phone bill was quite high every month and that was with me not making calls as much as possible.  (ie letting mum ring me all the time :( )
I decided to look at alternative options, but to get a better phone deal meant reducing our download allowance and that wasn't really an option so I began looking at mobile phones.  They don't include those in household plans any longer so I had to look at swapping my pre-paid woollies $40 phone for something that actually has a camera.  I KNOW!!! Who could have seen that coming!

My extra expense for phone was on average $50 plus $20 prepaid for my mobile.  I now have an iphone 4s for  $59 per month, with $550 included calls/texts and 1.5Gb downloads.   Much better deal and I look forward to that saving!

My kids love me big time at the moment and it has nothing to do with my apps I am sure!

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