16 April 2012

Breaking the Fast

Otherwise known as brekkie!
We tend to have pretty simple help yourself breakfasts here as we are all ready at different times.  The kids usually go for a walk before breakfast and then come home and have either an almond milk and banana smoothie downstairs with their dad or come up here.

up here they have toast or muffins, cereal or an oat milk, banana and prune smoothy.  Cereal is sugar free puffed rice, corn flakes or home made muesli.   My smoothies have banana, 6 prunes (be sure they are pitted), LSA and psyllium husk blended with oat milk and very yummy.

Occasionally I will last out and do pancakes or pikelets for a treat.

What do you have for breakfast??

1 comment:

Sif Dal said...

Yum! If I was having the kinds of breakfasts you described, I'd probably actually HAVE breakfast! I never feel like eating anything before about 1pm, usually not until about 3pm... Terrible, terrible, I know. I have tried to change this, but it never lasts because it's so hard to force yourself to eat when the idea of food just makes you feel sick (and of course, come nightfall, I've ravenous)...

Oh, on the extremely rare occasion I do feel like eating in the morning, I crave vegemite toast :D...