15 April 2012

meal planning

I am desperately trying to save money.  It seems to be slipping through my fingers so fast this past six or so months and I just can't work out why.  I am thinking that I waste a lot with poor shopping and planning so I am working on that to see what I can do.
I am planning on recording my fortnightly plan and spending and see how I go.

Expenditure for this fortnight is as follows and I will assess extra expenses and report back in a fortnight as to how I have gone.

Supermarket:  $60
Greengrocer:   $35
local grocer:    $9
Co-op:              $60  (not a common expense as I only order once every couple of months for things like bulk box of oat milk cartons, organic dates, bulk flour and coconut oil etc)

Total to date:   $164

I must say I am grateful to knowing the wonderful Eilleen over at consumption rebellion and her inspirational post here that prompted me to start reassessing food expenses.

My fortnight starts on a Wednesday.  So I have two weeks of meals planned that go something like this:

(click on pictures to enlarge)


Jamie just asked in a comment what do I eat when I am child free.  I forgot that I didn't include that in my plan.
I tend to eat up leftovers alot or just basic meals like eggs on toast, veggies or a freezer meal.  I try to freeze left overs as much as possible or cook extra for the freezer.  Will blog more about that.

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Jamie said...

Tell me honestly:
What are you eating on the no kids nights?