11 May 2012


Fear is a funny thing.  It can sit at the back of your mind poking sticks at you for a bit and then every now and then jump out at you, scary the absolute crap out of you.

I have had him performing in -house for a couple of months now. I expect him to leave some time in the next two weeks.  He has overstayed his welcome quite frankly and he doesn't do a thing around the place.

I am having exploratory bowel surgery next Friday after ongoing issues and lots of health scares.  I am scared beyond belief that it will be cancer.  Lots of symptoms that add up unfortunately.

Anyways, thoughts, prayers blah blah blah would be appreciated :)


Leah - Bogue Living said...

Hope you get good news Kelli. I will be thinking of you and hope fear gets the boot ASAP!

Belinda said...

You'll be in my thougths for the next week. I'll stop each day and send much positive energy your way so this journey will move forward with hope not fear.

Kind Regards