13 June 2012

Lindy Chamberlain

I don't remember the case of this all that much.  I was in my first year at boarding school and was probably quite sheltered from news.  I recall snippets of the case, such as she was too hard or she cried crocodile tears right through to 'a mother could never kill her baby'.  (This last statement is totally absurd as any sleep deprived mother will tell you). I do remember the movie well and not really having much of an opinion as to whether she had done it or not.  Hey, I was late teens and had tequila to drink!
Now, I wonder why this case has taken so long to really settle.  Why has this family be tested so severely.  And even more to the point, how did they survive this.
I hope for their sake this is the end and they can all be at peace.

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Jamie said...

I read something yesterday that suggested the hold up was politically motivated and that perhaps someone in the investigative force had something to hide.