12 June 2012

take a bit of lamb

I had frozen a small bag of 'scrappy lamb bits' when I bought a side of lamb a few weeks ago. Today I used them up and I am quite pleased with my efforts and the complete lack of wastage. 
Firstly was the lamb flap. This had some rib bones in it that were easily cut out to leave a lovely marbled piece ready to season and roll.

The seasoning was made up of baby spinach leaves, pine nuts, fetta, breadcrumbs, chopped dried apricots and an egg.

I spread this on the meat and rolled and tied it to be roasted later.  It is good to roast these pieces on a rack as they do have quite a bit of fat on the outer later.  Perfect for baking the spuds in underneath!

All the bones, including a couple of shanks went in the slow cooker.   Along with grated onion, carrot, parsnip, potato, pepper corns and barley.

Left over seasoning was mixed up with another egg then  folded in pastry triangles and baked for lunch!

Pretty good effort if I do say so myself!


tankgirl said...

All looks great! Only downside is you didn't give me enough time to be there for dinner! Well done :)

monique said...

UM..... yummo i find you to be very inspiring. love you work Kebeni

monique said...

Um... YUM!!!!
Love your work