11 June 2012

While I am gushing about iphones

What apps do you have?   I am still a bit of a novice geek when it comes to apps.  Some I download then find they are crap and delete them.  I love them!  I love that there are ones that are sooooo bloody handy.  Mind you I have found some crappy way too complicated ones too.  I also dislike that I can only fit nine things in a folder category, what's with that?

I currently have:  (possibly too much time on my hands)

Itunes - I like this for pod casts mostly and organising syncing my music with my computer.  (see I know the lingo too)

Camwow and camwowpro - absolute crappy app for distorting face pics etc.  Kids love it, I am no so sure I like having 2020 twisted faces staring at me when I sync (again) to picasa

Social Media - twitter, facebook, messenger.  Anyone who doesn't know what these are then I am guessing you aren't even reading this.

Games - angry birds x 3 varieties, fruit ninja, barbie fairy secrets, blokus, sky burger, barbie endless fucking closet (which also takes photos so there are another 1045 pics of barbie in various stages of dress in picasa ((I love Nienna, I love Nienna, I love Nienna ad nauseum), Talking news, talking tom, pokedex, cut the rope.   Farkle, scramble, boggle, solitaire, mindjolt games.

Genealogy - shoebox, araldicus and iFMP (no one ask what they do please)

Instagram - I use this a lot as it is a great short cut for putting pics on twitter AND facebook at the same time.  Can't say I use any filters much though.

Craftgawker - bit like pinterest for crafters

Pinterest - anyone reading this knows what it is.

skyview- great app for identifying stars and constellations in the sky. point it at what you see and it will give locations and names.

iREcyclart - app from the website and a good time waster much like pinterest

Wooly - app for ravelry.  Bit disappointed with this one. I guess I don't use the site enough to warrant it.

weatherzone - but want to find a better one. This doesn't have Bridport just the next closest town of Scottsdale.

Scan2list - an app for keeping shopping lists etc  you can scan all your groceries, make lists for various shops and keep prices etc.  great for when you are out shopping and can't remember how much you pay for an item at another store etc

allrecipes - I like this cos it spins.  Download it and see

Moodjournal basic- great app for recording moods daily and keeping quick mood diary.  can enter in triggers, health, weather etc and will keep a chart and record.

Goodreads- OMFG!  I use goodreads website to keep a record of what I have read but this is the bomb!!  You can scan the barcode on the book and you are done!  cool huh!

All of the above are free apart from wooly and one of the angry birds.   I doubt I would spend money on anything really unless it was life saving or something.  Kids paid me  $1 for the AB one though.

These are the main ones I have.  I do have the regular ones that came with phone  plus, newspaper and grocery store ones.

So, what do you have and love?

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