25 June 2012

Unschool Monday

On Friday we went to the Forestry green wash Eco Centre for a look. This is in the heart of forestry country at Scottsdale.  I won't bang on about my thoughts on logging etc (today) because we went as the kids had been asking what the unusual building was.

We say some video clips on the history of different towns in the area among other things.  I must say I didn't think they had taken much notice of anything they saw there.  That is until this morning.   On Saturday they were with their dad and got him to take them to the Tin Mine Museum at Derby for a second visit, then for a walk along the trails exploring where the miners used to live, where the floods went through and secret tunnels.

This morning, they came to tell me they were going back there to explore some more.  They grabbed torches and disappeared for the day.

This is organic learning at it's best!


kelli schultz said...

are you planning a trip over?

Shae said...

That sounds like an interesting day out. I'll have to go when we get over your way