09 July 2012

How to make bulls eye lollies

We took ourselves off to Gourlays for a mini excursion on Friday.  
They have made sweets in the traditional way in Launceston since the late 1800's.
When we arrived the confectioner was starting to stretch some sugar for bulls eye boiled lollies.  

Firstly he laid strips of red sugar 'dough' on to the peppermint base. He has to work fast as he only has 20 minutes to make lollies before the 'dough' becomes hard and shatters.

After stretching the sugar into manageable lengths he rolls it through the machine to make the ball shaped lollies (much like making pasta)

Once they have hardened enough they go into a tumbler to separate and take the rough edges off them.

They tasted great!

Home ed can be sooooooo yummy!


CircumscribePeon38 said...


kebeni said...

it is. I remember there used to be a place in Darling Harbour in Sydney where you could watch. But this guy doesn't use water cooled tables or any mod cons

April said...

Wow, isn't it amazing watching lollies be made! Yummo!

Tanja Pearce said...

Oh yummy, what a tasty outing!

Jamie said...

One of the things that gives me a feeling of great joy is watching these lollies being made.
Whenever I go near somewhere that does it I HAVE to go watch!

Lauren Carter said...

Oh yummo! How fun! xx