02 August 2012

Thankful Thursday friends edition

Thanks to Kate for this link up, I mean it! 

I had lunch yesterday with a friend and we were discussing friendship.  I have had some disappointments recently, but during this discussion I was reminded of some beliefs I have had regarding friends.  I can't believe this hadn't crossed my mind sooner but perhaps I needed a lesson or two in life.
I have always strongly believed that people weave in and out of your life as needed.  I even suspect that we are the same circle of people in each lifetime, maybe with the odd role change and of course a large circle.
Some people you need and sometimes they need you.  
Sometimes it is a quick visit and for others it can be a lifetime.
 I know I need to do some work on letting go and moving on, this is something I really struggle with.
This doesn't lessen the fact that in my 44 years I have had some fabulous people come into my life.
I have even been lucky enough to have them come into my life more than once in some instances.   

I am truly thankful for those people in my life and the lessons they have taught me.

Joining up with Kate who says stuff


Eleise Bott said...

I wrote a similar thing today too, friends are so important and worth being grateful for!

Nat @ Drivelology said...

Friends really are an incredibly important part of our lives.
Definitely something to be thankful for!

Kim-Marie Williams said...

I love my Gorgeous Girls! X

katesaysstuff said...

Beautiful post, and you are SO welcome Kelli! And I suck because I'm not going to make it next Thurs after all :( So I will have to weave into your (real) life next time. xoxox